Decoding the Buyer's Journey

'Hard to Measure' Marketing Insights from Jeremiah Prummer, Founder of KnoCommerce

Struggling to separate the signal from the noise in your marketing attribution?

How do you bridge the gap between tracking marketing dollars and understanding the full buyer's journey?

How can qualitative insights, like post-purchase surveys, be turned into quantitative insights that drive growth?

What strategies can you use to measure the impact of the hardest of the hard-to-measure channels like TV, radio, and OOH?

Meet the Maestro of Hard to Measure Marketing, Jeremiah Prummer, CEO of KnoCommerce as we Decode The Buyer's Journey in Part 1 of 2 of our Measurement Track for #dtcbrands and #ecommercemarketing insights.

 🎙️ Podcast Episode Recap

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of "Hard to Measure Marketing Channels" with customer insights platform, KnoCommerce Founder, Jeremiah Prummer.

Jeremiah highlights the need to go beyond tracking and measuring every marketing dollar and focus on the qualitative insights that drive growth. By asking the right questions, brands can uncover the motivations behind customer purchases and target their ideal audience more effectively.

Also discussed: The impact of different marketing channels, such as TV, radio, and Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. He emphasizes the correlation between these channels and their ability to amplify word-of-mouth recommendations and build customer trust. 

By tracking trends and asking customers about their journey, brands can optimize their marketing mix and achieve better results. 

 📰 Top Highlights

  •  With more than 100M survey questions observed each year, Jeremiah helps us understand how "hard to measure" channels like TV, Radio, and OOH, contribute to the overall marketing funnel for some of the world's fastest-growing DTC and e-commerce brands. 

  • Jeremiah emphasizes the importance of specifically understanding what motivates customers to buy and bridging the gap between offline and online buying experiences.

  • The correlation between different marketing channels and their impact on the buyer's journey is a key factor in optimizing marketing strategies.

  • TV advertising is an underutilized channel that can provide credibility and reach new audiences, but it requires patience and a longer-term perspective.

Key Moments

  • 00:16:43-00:16:54 - "60% plus of people take more than a week to make their first purchase."

  • 00:27:12-00:27:22 "I actually think TV gives you, it gives your brand more credibility than just throwing up a Facebook ad, right? There's a bigger barrier to being on TV and especially on having a good TV ad. I think that tells people you're a legitimate brand. You're real."

  • 00:30:46-00:30:56 "Asking people 'How long they knew about your brand before purchasing' can be really valuable."

 📢 Message from Jeremiah

"If I could put any message on a billboard for the world to see, it would be: 'Show up, do your best, and remember that it's enough.' We often get caught up in comparison and feeling like we're not doing enough, but the truth is, as long as we give our best effort, that's all that matters." 

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